Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tunisia: 11 Defectors from the Gaddafi regime arrive

Translated off Google Translate. Arabic article is here:
Lightning | Libya - Tunisia | Tunisian newspaper said that 11 officers of the Libyan army defected from forces loyal to Gaddafi, managed to flee to Tunisia, across the sea in the past were repeated during the last few weeks is remarkable. The newspaper "Sabah" Tunisia on Thursday that these officers, including a brigadier, and arrived on board a small boat to the fishing port "Alkatif" Bnqirdan civilians from the province, about 550 km south of Tunis.
The newspaper did not provide additional details about the split of these officers, only pointing out that members of the Tunisian National Guard (Gendarmerie) were met with these officers, and recorded their words and then handed them over to one of the international humanitarian organizations operating in southern Tunisia.
He admitted Brigadier Army Tunisian Mokhtar Ben Nasrallah on Thursday during a meeting with a number of journalists at the government in Tunis, said his country received many officers and noncommissioned officers and soldiers, the Libyans since the outbreak of the crisis Libya on 17 February. He did not specify Brigadier Ben Nasr number of these officers and soldiers, the Libyans, He pointed out that there are groups of them stripped of their weapons entered and still enter in person to the Tunisian territory from the sea or through some desert tract.

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